architecture - projects 1997-2003 

The projects presented on this site were created during my studies at the Technische Universität Berlin and the Universidade do Porto.

Todays meritocracy requires perfect coordination of  the complex work and planning process. During my studies I always wanted to know as much as possible about the  factors of influence concerning development and construction. The career profile of the architect has recently changed and entered other fields of activity.
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Further information on projcts that I was responsible for during my professional work at Sonae, Gedo, SEPA und Phoenix Solar you can find on the web site of each company. The projects I mainly worked on are:

Parque D. Pedro Shopping (Sonae), Boavista Shopping (Sonae), Stadtteil-Center Marl-Hüls (SEPA),  Murgtal-Center Gaggenau (SEPA), Solarpark Haimhausen II (Phoenix Solar), Solarpark Senftenberg I (Phoenix Solar)  -   (updated 03/2011)