Bastian Telg in Sao Paulo
Dipl. Ing. Bastian Telg
Consultant & Architect
Located in Stuttgart

+49 179 110 9046

+55 11 3020 9224
+55 21 983330738


- Member of CAU - Brazilian Chamber of Architects

- Certified Expert for Renewable Energy  (German Chamber of Crafts)

- BWS Expert group for PV power plants

  Dipl. Ing. Bastian Telg

I´m Architect, Development Manager and Consultant for companies interested in the Brazilian energy market. After having realized several multi megawatt solar power plants with Phoenix Solar I founded with two renewable energy experts from Fortaleza a solar company. Trust Brazil is distributor for installers and consultant for large scale pv projects in Brazil. In 2013 I worked for several companies as consultant. I had the chance to work at Wirsol Solar do Brasil on two  of the first Brazilian pv power plants: Nova Aurora (3MWp for Tractebel) and Fernando de Noronha.

Before 2009 I worked in the area of real estate planning and development. I decided in favor of solar energy because it allows power generated at any scale, therefore it´s affordable for almost everyone and electricity can be generated in any location and without dependencies. The development of solar power plants is my contribution to a clean and healthy world.

1975 Born in Berlin, Gernany 
1994 High School Diploma, USA
1996 University-entrance diploma, Germany
1997 Metalco, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1999 - 2000 Studies in Oporto, Portugal 
2003 Diploma in Architecture, Germany
2003 - 2004 Sonae Sierra, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2004 - 2006 Gedo KG, Munich, Germany
2006 - 2009 SEPA, Stuttgart, Germany
2009 Qualification as Solarteur u.VT, Germany
 2009 - 2012 Phoenix Solar AG , Germany
since 2012
     Trust Brazil ltda, Brazil
since 2013      Business Expansion Consultant